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James Last ‎– The Best Of James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1965 - 1970

James Last ‎– The Best Of James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1965 - 1970

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A1-1 I'm A Believer 1:38
A1-2 Good Vibrations 1:20
A1-3 Have A Drink On Me 1:04
A2-1 All You Need Is Love 1:33
A2-2 She'd Rather Be With Me 1:00
A2-3 Okay 1:35
A3-1 The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde 1:37
A3-2 Everybody Knows 1:14
A3-3 Gimme Little Sign 1:32
A4-1 Jägerlatein 1:40
A4-2 Eine Schlaflose Nacht 1:37
A4-3 Gloryland 1:05
A5-1 I've Gotta Get A Message To You 1:32
A5-2 Hey Jude 1:45
B1-1 Help Yourself 1:35
B1-2 Mrs. Robinson 0:53
B1-3 It's Time To Go 1:34
B2-1 Ob-la-di Ob-la-da 1:31
B2-2 Chewy Chewy 0:56
B2-3 Eloise 1:38
B3-1 Bad Moon Rising 1:18
B3-2 Always Tuesday 1:26
B3-3 Give Peace A Chance 1:26
B4-1 Aquarius 1:43
B4-2 Let The Sunshine In 1:10
B4-3 Hare Krishna 1:10
B5-1 In The Ghetto 1:44
B5-2 Don't Forget To Remember 1:45
C1-1 Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye 1:44
C1-2 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 1:34
C1-3 Oh Well 1:27
C2-1 Friday On My Mind 1:35
C2-2 Stop Stop Stop 0:46
C2-3 It's Last Time 1:41
C3-1 Thank U Very Much 1:05
C3-2 Mighty Quinn 0:54
C3-3 John Brown's Body 1:39
C4-1 Simon's Says 1:12
C4-2 Mony Mony 1:44
C4-3 Yummy, Yummy, Yummmy 1:25
C5-1 Only One Woman 1:18
C5-2 With A Little Help From My Friends 1:32
D1-1 I Want To Hold Your Hand 1:40
D1-2 Sie Liebt Dich 1:28
D1-3 I Should Have Known Better 1:32
D2-1 Love Me Tonight 1:30
D2-2 Heute So, Morgen So 1:16
D2-3 Starparade 1:32
D3-1 Mr. Tambourine Man 1:42
D3-2 Shame And Scandal In The Family 1:18
D3-3 Jack The Ripper 1:40
D4-1 San Francisco 1:43
D4-2 Silence Is Golden 1:38
D4-3 Ha! Ha! Said The Clown 1:00
D5-1 Massachusetts 1:25
D5-2 Hello, Goodbye 1:09